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ET Solar has integrated microinverter and module, to provide high power high efficiency and smart-grid capable ET Solar AC modules which are designed to optimize power output. The AC modules are suitable for both residential and commercial PV applications.

ET Solar is not only a leading provider of AC module but also a system that offers state of art advance technology to bring green technologies to into customers’ hands. It provides gateway which enables PV owners to access and control their PV systems via internet from home or remote PC, or through smart phone devices.

ET Smart Design

ET Smart Design the world's first PV design tool for AC Module System, can assist you designing your ACPV sites.

This smart tool can be used as follows:

1. Register a username and login.

2. New project, fill in project info.

3. Easy to design the layout by anybody, automatically display the system capacity.

4. Automatically design the AC Module wiring diagram and create BOM list based on your layout.

5. Engineering report, layout & wiring diagram and BOM list can be downloaded.

AC Module System Product
ET AC Module

High Performance

250W AC output

Up to 25% more energy production than conventional PV systems

Reduces losses due to shading and module mismatch

Smarter Installation and Monitoring

Flexible design and expansion

Up to 50% faster to install

No separate grounding or DC wires

Web-based, real-time monitoring of each module

Reliability and Safety

10-year warranty on materials and workmanship

Power Portal

The ET Solar Monitoring System aggregates operating data from all ET Solar AC Modules across all sites. System owners can access current and historical site performance data. And installers can manage all of their systems through the Monitoring System

Module-level operating information

24/7 web-based access

Customizable graphical user interface


The ET Solar Power Gateway is an onsite gateway that communicates over Power Line Carrier (PLC) with ET Solar AC modules. This can occur even without the modules being grid- connected, allowing a technician to resolve installation issues before leaving a newly constructed site.

Highly reliable power line communications

Integrated networking

LCD touch screen user interface

USB expansion port

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