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In pursuit of industry-leading cost effectiveness and performance, ET Solar is a creative technology innovator. Hundreds of patents and inventions are developed byengineers every year from ET Solar laboratories around the world. Cost innovations and reliability-enhancing activities have enabled ET Solar to offer more competitive products and services to customers around the world. 

Annually more than 8% of yearly revenue is invested in technological innovation. ET Solar believes the intangible power hidden in technological innovations can generate unlimited value for customers. This is why we commit to leading change in the industry through innovation.


ET Solar has established research and innovation facilities around the world, including R&D centers based in China, the U.S., Europe, and at worldwide cooperating laboratories and universities. These facilities have enabled ET Solar research specialists to closely follow the latest trends in technology and development, initiate technology innovations, and turn technical potential into customer benefits.

These facilities are also directly connected with ET Solar's worldwide customer channels, in order to not only closely follow the evolving needs of global customers, but also to serve as a platform to integrate partners’ research capabilities and provide cutting-edge solutions to satisfy specific needs of customers worldwide.

ET Solar's worldwide research facilities are staffed by brilliant R&D intellects, including PhD scientists, technical engineers, and research specialists striving to develop state-of-the-art solar product technologies and industry-leading integrated energy solutions.

ET Solar has developed numerous technologies that have been successfully applied to solar products and have created remarkable benefits to customers. For example, ET Solar products have achieved a Class A solar module fire rating, 19.1% polycrystalline cell efficiency in the ET Solar lab, innovative module technologies, and new products such as the AC Solar Module, Anti-Glare Solar Module, the Smart Module, and the Cell Optimizer Module.

Experienced International R&D Team

ET Solar established international R&D team based in Germany, US and China.

The outstanding R&D teams consist of experienced solar specialists who well understand PV and widely connected with distinguished industry institutes and research organizations.

More than 100 research related employees working in R&D center and worldwide labs.

Annual Up to 8% of Revenue R&D Investment

Independent R&D fund established for new technology/product development

Patent|Innovative Technology|Creative Products

More than 120 patents and proprietary technologies have been developed by our R&D teams and contributed to the products outstanding attributes. In total,more than 30+ R&D experts have published thesis and technical articles and created leading-edge programs such as anti-glare module (mass production 10MW thus far).

*Global R&D Facilities Constantly Increasesinnovation

ET Solar established its own R&D facilities and teams in China, Europe, and the Americas.

Chief Scientist Linhui Sui (Ph.D) lead several experienced teams of engineers and researchers to develop state-of-the-art products and solutions to maximize benefits to customers.

*Dedicated Laboratories

ET Solar has established its testing and quality improvement laboratories on a global basis since 2005. Those facilities have followed global standards, including ISO, and conducted constant reliability-verification practices that ensure quality of materials and compliance with international quality, reliability, and safety standards in production procedures and products. ET Solar always moves forward decisively. In our module-testing laboratories, products and materials undergo meticulous and detailed inspections that exceed international standards, allowing ET Solar to confidently provide customers with a 25-year guaranteed output.

*Impressive Innovations Provide Added Value for Worldwide System Investors

ET Solar’s world-class innovation practices are designed to provide added value to our solar customers. Cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions, such as the micro inverter, storage system, hybrid system, smart grid connections, MPPT, MWT,  and PV tile have been the result of continuous development and commercialization in the global market. Most of these innovative technologies have already been successfully applied to ET Solar installations worldwide and are generating added value for system investors.

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