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Affiliated Production

Affiliated Solar Module Production

ET Solar applies world-class technology and high-reliability procedures to produce the best-in-class products. We consistently our knowledge  quality control procedures to ensure the highest-quality workmanship.

We use fully automatic equipment from leading suppliers to maximize reliability and control the entire manufacturing process with an advanced management and control process to ensure product stability and sustainability. ET Solar's vertically integrated production process is proven to systematically optimize costs and provide increase maximized value for customers.

Unprecedented Quality Standards and Assurance

Every ET Solar product is produced and supplied under the most stringent quality standards. We meticulously control and execute every step of the manufacturing process to enable the cost-effective performance of ET Solar products.

 Vertical Integration Enables Cost-savingand Reliability

ET Solar applies strict quality control measures in all stages of the manufacturing process. Vertical integration helps eliminate redundancy and reduce carbon emissions. Verticalization also enables us to realize continuous process and cost optimization along the PV value chain.

  Affiliated Top Quality Manufacturing

Our strict quality control ensures compliance with ISO and internationally recognized quality standards such as IEC, TÜV, and UL ,for example.

 Constant Innovations

ET Solar strives to implement continuous innovation in technology, products, and service based on customer needs. These innovative practices have provided customers with better products and energy solutions that enable better returns on investment.

  Highly Automated

We use a highly automated manufacturing process supported by the most technologically advanced equipment to mitigates environmental effects and ensures the highest-quality products.

  Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

We use the FMEA process to make improvements and improve reaction speed. Every process in manufacturing is monitored and recorded, and every potential risk is technically mitigated by preventive analysis. We strive to provide a perfect product to customers with a zero failure rate.

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