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Utility-scale Power Plants

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From product development consulting services to project financing proposals, ET Solar is active in the entire value chain of the solar industry. Our professional knowledge and worldwide service platforms are always available to provide you with comprehensive investment opportunity suggestions and feasible action plans to help to realize your project or enrich your energy portfolio. With thousands of solar module customers around the world, ET Solar's worldwide project development team is sourcing and co-developing hundreds of high-quality solar projects. Our multiple-GW pipeline is dynamically updating and is ready to present to partners around the world.

Products & Solutions Recommendation

Since 2005, more than 15 million high-quality ET Solar panels have been installed in thousands of residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar applications worldwide. ET Solar products have been constantly contributing clean energy to our planet.

ET Solar PV modules can be used for different kinds of on-grid or off-grid applications. ET Solar in-house R&D facilities and constant technological innovation guarantee every ET Solar product*s remarkable advantages and ensure that ET Solar products always stand out from the rest of the competition.

As a recognized innovator, our success in production, technological development, quality control, and product performance distinguishes us as one of the most reliable solar companies in the world. With more than 3.5GW of shipments, ET Solar products are proven to belong to one of the world most reliable brands and are best choices in terms of high quality, excellent performance, and entire lifecycle guarantee. more....


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ET Solar delivers leading smart solar energy solutions with proven success references from more than 850MW of installations around the world.

As a vertically integrated solar products manufacturer and an end-to-end lifecycle solar power plant services provider with more than 5GW of experience, ET Solar delivers superior system-level results over competitors. With German quality and expertise across the entire solar energy supply chain, we deliver more predictable and bankable PV energy solutions that increase energy yield, reduce LCOE, and provide stable grid integration, resulting in system solutions that maximize value and minimize risk for our customers.

- Proven track record in project development with a 5GW project pipeline reserved and 1,000MW close to start

- Globally recognized and sophisticated energy solutions based on a proven track record of 850MW+ installed and 1,000MW close to start

- High quality power plant solutions backed by a globally recognized insurance company ensure safe return on your investment

- Seamless access to major financial institutions around the globe enables ET Solar to navigate through financing and incentives to maximize solar returns for customers and partners

- Maximize value, mitigate risk, and optimize the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)

- One-stop, benefits-rich services make power plant investment easy and convenient




ET Solar has been widely recognized as a trustworthy solar product supplier by thousands of customers around the globe since its establishment. Based on more than 5GW of installations worldwide, in particular based on 850+MW of ET Solar power plant operation data, ET Solar panels consistently out-perform products from peers in the industry and provide more reliable power output than system simulations. more....


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The portfolio for electricity generators has changed greatly with the profitability of renewable energies, which offers energy providers opportunities with respect to positioning and regional marketing when you establish appropriate generation capacities. The energy turnaround is not yet realizable everywhere, but it has already taken place in many regions. In many rural districts and municipalities, we have already realized a 100% renewable energy supply. And the figure is growing all the time. Switch over to the future. We will show you the way.


     Advantages Enabling Success of Your Project

     - Concrete project development support

     - Venture capital available for financing

     - Efficient, target-oriented work in a spirit of partnership

     - Knowledge and experience that enrich the energy portfolio through details about completely

       developed and approved PV projects

     - Proven expertise in developing concepts for regional energy products and implementation

       upon request

     - Professional assistance in setting up your own capacities, with advice, support, and capital


     Services Portfolio

     - Project development assistance

     - Global project pipeline access and recommendations

     - Technical consultation and preliminary system design

     - Reference database access and site visit

     - Financing projection and analysis

     - Bridge financing solutions proposal

     - System components resourcing

     - EPC, O&M  


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