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2018.08    Canadian Solar Partners with ET Energy to Build 132 MWp of Solar Projects in South Africa
2018.07    ET Energy Launches 31.6 MWp of Clustered Solar Projects in Chile
2017.11    ET Energy to build 61 MWp Solar Project for UiTM in Malaysia
2017.04    ET Energy Renews its Partnership with UNICEF
2017.04    ET Energy Commences to Build 19 MW Solar Project for Astronergy in Turkey
2017.04    ET Energy Builds a 12MWp Large Scale Solar Project in Malaysia
2017.03    ET Energy Builds a 60.9 MW Solar Power Project in Jordan
2016.09    ET Solar Powers Largest ACPV Project in USA
2016.09    ET Smart Flex Enables Module-level Rapid Shutdown
2016.08    ET Solar, LONGi Co-found JV to Create Global Leading Mono Brand
2016.06    ET Energy Founds Subsidiary to Break New Ground in South Africa
2016.04    ET Solar Launches EliTe Mono Module Globally
2016.04    ET Energy Commissions Two 5 MWp PV Projects in the UK
2016.03    ET Solar Modules Selected to Power 84.4 MW PV Projects in North Carolina
2015.12    ET Solar Connects First Two PV Projects in Turkey
2015.12    ET Solar Expands Presence in UK′s Large-scale PV Project Sector
2015.11    ET Solar Opens Regional Business Development Company in Pakistan
2015.10    ET Solar Partners with WEG to Offer EPC Solutions in Brazil
2015.09    ET Solar Announces Next Generation of Performance Optimized Modules
2015.09    ET Solar Connects 5MWp PV Plant in UK for Lightsource Renewable Energy
2015.08    ET Solar Makes Inroads into Turkish PV Project Market
2015.07    ET Solar Launches New Generation AC Modules in Japan
2015.06    ET Solar Increases its Presence in UK’s Large-scale PV Projects
2015.06    ET Solar adds 13 MWp Project to its Growing UK Solar Portfolio
2015.06    ET Solar Expands Portfolio Again With 3 MWp Project in the UK
2015.04    ET Solar Builds a 50 MWp Solar Power Plant in Israel
2015.04    ET Solar to Build 70 MWp Solar Power Plant in the Philippines
2015.03    ET Solar Builds a 9.1 MWp Solar Farm for Hilperton PV in the UK
2015.03    ET Solar Delivers 6.1MW PV Modules to UK's largest Commercial Rooftop Project
2015.03    ET Solar Showcases High-efficiency PV Modules at Ecobuild
2015.03    ET Solar’s Statement Regarding the European Commission’s Letter on ET Solar’s Compliance with MIP Undertaking Agreement
2015.02    ET Solar to Develop Commercial PPA Market in Australia with CEFC Financing
2015.02    ET Solar and TechAccess Collaborate on 2 Utility PV Power Projects in Pakistan
2014.12    ET Solar Builds a 40 MWp Solar Power Plant in Israel
2014.11    Monthly PV News Review - November,2014
2014.10    ET Solar Constructs a New Solar Farm for Lightsource Renewable Energy in the United Kingdom
2014.10    ET Solar Supplies 5 MW PV Modules to a Mining Operation in Suriname
2014.09    Array Technologies and ET Solar Partner on Bakersfield 111 Solar Park
2014.08    Geenex and ET Solar Jointly Develop a 20MW AC Utility-scale Project in North Carolina
2014.08    There is Love, There is Action, ET Solar Dedicates to Lighting Children's Future
2014.08    ET Capital Established, Specialized in Turnkey Solar Financing Solutions
2014.08    Lighting the Future with Love, ET Solar and UNICEF to Launch a Child Welfare Field Trip
2014.07    ET Solar Achieves PV Module Qualification with Sunrun
2014.07    ET Solar Supplies 10 MW of Anti-glare Modules to a German Project
2014.07    ET Solar Launches the World's First Web-based ACPV Design Software
2014.07    ET Solar Modules Selected to Power Projects Totaling 24.5 MW in North Carolina
2014.07    ET Solar Extends Its Presence in Turkey
2014.06    ET Solar Helps Segmuller Achieve 95% Solar Power Self-consumption
2014.06    ET Solar Selected as a Qualified PV Product Provider by Rated Solar Installer in the UK
2014.05    ET Solar Smart Module Launched in Global Market
2014.05    ET Solar Module Maintains High Performance Ratio in PHOTON Test
2014.05    ET Solar Launches Cell Optimizer Module Globally
2014.04    ET Solar Sets up Australian Subsidiary Focused on Solution Business
2014.04    ET Solar Sells a Utility Scale Power Plant to Lightsource
2014.04    BNEF Summit: ET Solar Builds Confidence in Clean Energy Investment
2014.04    ET Solar Completes a 7.8 MWp PV Power Plant in Israel for EDF
2014.04    ET Solar Extends its Project Solution Services to Turkey
2014.03    ET Solar Builds Large Scale Solar Power Projects in UK
2014.02    ET Solar to Launch Double Glass Bifacial Module at PV EXPO 2014
2014.02    ET Solar Modules Selected to Power Projects Totaling 23MW in North Carolina
2014.01    ET Solar and EcoSol Completed a 276 kWp Rooftop PV System in Jordan
2013.12    ET Solar Announces Establishment of Latin American Regional Office in Santiago, Chile
2013.12    ET Solar Turn-key Solutions Available in Indian Market
2013.10    ET Solar Provides 13 MW Solar Modules to Strata Solar in North Carolina
2013.10    Harvard Business School Installs AC Modules from ET Solar
2013.10    ET Solar Provides 4.8 MW Solar Panels for Two Utility Projects in Chile
2013.09    ET Solar and Sunelectra Global Commissioned 4.2 MW PV Projects in Ukraine financed by EBRD
2013.09    ET Solar Offers AC Modules Powered by Solarbridge in Australia
2013.09    ET Solar Launches New Partnership with UNICEF
2013.08    ET Solar Enters into MOU with Fenahtect for Housing Project in Brazil
2013.07    ET Solar Supplies 10.8MW Solar Modules to Ormat in the US
2013.06    ET Solar Supplied Solar Modules to 2.3 MW School Projects in Southern California
2013.06    ET Solar Modules Installed in the Third Largest Commercial PV Plant in Chile
2013.06    ET Solar Completes 50MW PV Projects in Romania
2013.05    ET Solutions completes 1MW rooftop PV system in Germany
2013.04    ET Solar Globally Launches New Module Castor
2013.02    ET Solar AC Modules Installed in Residential Systems in the US
2013.01    ET Solar to Introduce 1000V DC PV Modules at PV America East 2013
2012.12    ET Solar Obtains PV Product Carbon Footprint Verification from TUV SUD
2012.11    ET Solar Announces Establishment of Japanese Subsidiary in Tokyo
2012.11    ET Solar Supplies PV Modules to a 2.3 MW Utility Project in Colorado
2012.11    ET Solar Builds 50MW Solar PV Projects in Romania
2012.11    ET Solar PV Modules Installed in a Commercial Rooftop Project in Austria
2012.10    ET Solar Announces PV Module Supply to EnergiMidt in Denmark
2012.10    ET Solar Receives Certisolis Certificates for BIPV Frameless Modules
2012.10    ET Solar Makes Inroads in South Africa
2012.09    ET Solar Modules Achieve "PID Free"
2012.07    ET Solar Supplies PV Modules to a Community Solar Hubs Program in Australia
2012.07    ET Solar Launches AC Module Series at Intersolar North America
2012.07    ET Solar Multi-crystalline Module Demonstrated High Performance in PHOTON Tests
2012.06    ET Solar and CECEP to Form System Development Venture in Germany
2012.06    ET Solar Announces Adoption of New Insurance Solutions Provided by ERGO
2012.06    ET Solar Executes 10 MW PV Plant Construction in Germany
2012.05    ET Solar Executes 12.6MW PV Plant Construction in Germany
2012.05    ET Solar and CECEP Connected Two Rooftop Projects in Italy
2012.05    ET Solar Recieves VDE Certifications for Small Modules and Junction Box for Large Modules
2012.05    ET Solar Announces Completion of 9.6MW of PV Plants in Germany
2012.05    ET Solar Announces Completion of 4MW French PV Projects
2012.04    ET Solar Introduces New Module Products at Belgium Roadshow
2012.04    ET Solar Announces Its Attendance at Renewable Energy Exhibition 2012
2012.03    ET Solar Obtains ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Certification from SGS Group
2012.03    ET Solar Launches New PV Module Series at Australia Roadshow
2012.02    ET Solar Launches Global Product Roadshow
2012.01    ET Solar to Supply 6MW of PV Modules to LARIVIERE
2012.01    ET Solar Supplies 1.5MW Solar Modules to a Grid-Parity Project in the Netherlands
2012.01    ET Solar Supplies PV Modules for a Government Solar Project in the UK
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