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ET Smart Flex Enables Module-level Rapid Shutdown

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ET Solar has always been committed to providing green and smart energy solutions worldwide to satisfy the increasingly diverse energy needs of its customers. The company’s latest innovative product, the ET Smart Flex Module, is equipped with Tigo Energy’s TS4 platform – the advanced junction box solution – which greatly enhances the functionalities of the module.

The NEC 2014 Section 690.12 requires rapid shutdown of PV systems on buildings. The scope of NEC 690.12 will be expanded in the 2017 NEC to effectively require “module-level” shutdown. The ET Smart Flex Module’s safety feature—module-level rapid shutdown—meets the requirements of this code: in case of fire and other emergencies, it disconnects modules from the string leaving it with zero power output.

Compared to conventional system-level shutdown, module-level rapid shutdown has significant advantages. If a fire breaks out on a residential or commercial rooftop PV system, module-level rapid shutdown can be activated to avoid high voltage output, thus ensuring the safety of fire fighters. Module-level rapid shutdown also protects modules/junction boxes from damage caused by hotspot-induced over-heating and fire. For utility-scale power plants, in addition to the above strengths, module-level rapid shutdown can also reduce power losses resulting from junction box heat even during normal working conditions; reduced power loss means increased system energy harvest.

ET Smart Flex Modules make various other functions easier as well. For example, convenient changing of the junction box cover makes for easy and simple field replacement and upgrade, as well as customizable solutions. ET Smart Flex Modules have been designed to standardize the application of a wide range of Module Level Power Electronic (MLPE) features including diodes, monitoring, safety, optimization and longer strings.

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