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ET Solar Supplies 1.5MW Solar Modules to a Grid-Parity Project in the Netherlands

ET Solar is the sole module supplier of a residential project in the Netherlands, codenamed ZonVast. Working in partnership with Zonnefabriek, a local system integrator and local utility operator, Greenchoice, ET Solar will supply 1.5MW of solar modules. Annually, the system is expected to generate 1.28 million kWh.

A lack of government subsidy support will make Greenchoice the system owner receiving fixed tariffs to be paid by local households for the first 20 years of operation. After this period, households will own and continue to use the system for free for another ten years.

Dennis She, CEO of ET Solar, commented, "We are very pleased with our significant participation in one of the first sizeable residential solar projects that stands financially on its own in the Netherlands. And we are truly honoured to have been collaborating with Zonnefabriek in developing green opportunities for two years in the country. We expect to see and facilitate more financially independent solar projects going forward as more regions leap towards grid-parity in Europe."

David van der Burg, partner at Zonnefabriek, added, "As the initiator of the ZonVast Project, we very much appreciate the high quality modules provided by ET Solar and the business relationship we grew in the past years. It is our strong belief that the ZonVast model will see a broad and fast replication that will benefit more households in the Netherlands."

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