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ET Solar Helps Segmuller Achieve 95% Solar Power Self-consumption

MUNICH, June 3,2014-- ET Solar Energy Corp. ("ET Solar"), a leading smart energy solutions provider, announces that ET Solutions AG, its wholly owned PV power solution provider in Germany, signed a contract to design and build a 1MWp rooftop PV system for Hans Segmüller Polstermöbelfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (“Segmüller”), one of the largest furniture retailers in Germany.

Owned by Segmüller, the rooftop system will be installed at its outlet store in Weiterstadt, Hesse, one of the seven stores that Segmüller operates in the country. With focuses on minimizing levelized cost of energy and maximizing power production, ET Solar engineers have crafted a design where Segmüller will be able to achieve 95% self-usage of solar energy produced by this rooftop system.

The system will help Segmüller achieve a total saving of up to 18.5 GWh over its lifespan and generate very good return on investment without dependence on the German EEG-based feed-in tariffs, which is potentially subject to a major overhaul.

Dennis She, President and CEO of ET Solar, commented, “With the substantial reduction in German PV subsidies over the past years, our drive for smart innovations continuously deliver strong system designs that make the economics work. In particular, we are pleased that we have the opportunity to work with Segmüller, a prominent brand in Germany, for which, we have a strong potential to implement more solar projects on self-consumption basis in the near future. Our project solution team is committed to providing our commercial customers with innovative solutions for sustainable and cost-efficient energy."

Peter Hauk, Head of Technical Procurement at Segmüller added: “With rising energy bills, we decided years ago that we would need to invest in renewable power generation facilities to strengthen our sustainable competiveness. By working with ET Solar, we finally found the solution we were looking for. In addition to PV energy, using other energy efficiency solutions like LED lighting and less air-conditioning, our goal is not only to save costs, but also reduce our carbon footprint in the long term.”

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