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ET Solar Smart Module Launched in Global Market

NANJING, China, May 5, 2014 -- ET Solar Energy Corp. ("ET Solar"), a leading smart energy solutions provider, announces that it has released Smart Module to the global market and will showcase this new product at Intersolar in Munich this June.

In cooperation with Convertergy, a leading global electronics product company, ET Solar developed Smart Module specifically to ensure enhanced performance and improved safety conditions of photovoltaic systems. Smart Module achieves “high power yield and safety” principally by the adoption of more advanced technology in two critical areas.

First and most important, it is innovatively designed to enable real-time monitoring and self-testing with shutdown, isolation, and short-circuit functions, with quick response to high operating temperatures or a current that exceeds safety standards, to make sure the systems work optimally and technicians are protected in abnormal circumstances such as electric shock during technical inspection, system maintenance, and emergency rescue.

Second, it is able to build an automatic communication network allowing rapid collection of panel information and analysis of data to quickly locate the defective modules and carry out immediate corrective measures.

Mr. Dennis She, President and CEO of ET Solar, notes that, “Smart Module reflects our persistent efforts to provide advanced technology and product excellence. We are very pleased to offer this safer module to our global customers and to solve problems in a smart way. We look forward to bringing more market-oriented products in the future.”

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