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ET Solar and EcoSol Completed a 276 kWp Rooftop PV System in Jordan

MUNICH, Jan. 15, 2014 -- ET Solar Group Corp. ("ET Solar"), a leading smart solar solutions provider has announced the completion and grid connection of a 276 kWp rooftop PV system in Amman, Jordan for a university by its wholly-owned subsidiary ET Solutions AG (“ETS”), together with its partners Eco Engineering and Energy Solutions (“EcoSol”) and Spirea GmbH (“Spirea”).

In cooperation with EcoSol, the project has been constructed on the roof of the biggest indoor sports arena of Jordan at the properties of the Al-Ahliyya Amman University (“AAU”) in Amman, which is also the sponsor of the project. With 276 kWp, the project as one of the biggest rooftop PV-installations in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been fully completed and connected to the grid. The project will serve the AAU, with about 500,000 kWh clean electricity per year, mainly for their own power needs. The rest of the produced energy will be fed into the grid based on Jordan’s net-metering scheme announced in the middle of 2013 by the Government.

Dennis She, President and CEO of ET Solar, commented: “The project sets an important milestone for the expansion of our smart solutions business towards Middle East, a very promising emerging solar market. This pilot project is a great success story for all project stakeholders after we overcame the challenges for first movers over the last months. We will continue to work together with our local partners, to contribute to the growth of green and sustainable energy in Jordan and other mid-East countries for the months and years to come.”

Hasan Suboh, CEO of EcoSol, said: “We are very proud to have this flagship project successfully realized with engineering, procurement and supervision support from ETS and Spirea as our experienced German project partners. With their technical support and our local network to companies and institutions having a vast need in energy efficiency and renewable energy production, we are very happy to have now an outstanding grid connected project reference. This will be a convincing case for other potential customers in Jordan and the region to partner with us for PV Solar installations.”

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hourani, Founder of the AAU, added: “With sharply rising energy prices for our University and Jordan’s energy mix highly depending on fossil fuels, it was clear to us, that we, as the first private University of Jordan, also need to be one of the first movers in renewable energy in the Kingdom. With the announcement of the new renewable energy law, which allows us to lower our energy bill by becoming an independent power producer, it was clear to us, that we have to take this chance, in order to support the Kingdom in its core challenges, education and energy independency. Having more than 6,000 students registered, the solar PV installation is of course, also an important milestone for our educational training, proving our high level of quality as a leading university. After visitin ultrasound g Germany to review the usability of solar PV rooftop systems installations, it was clear to us to choose EcoSol, ETS and Spirea as a German-Jordan consortium, to secure highest possible quality by also having a local contractor. Now we are eager to extent the project across the universities rooftops and car parks to achieve more energy independency for the campus but also as further contribution to the Kingdoms energy mix. ”

Dr. Utz Hoeser, Partner of Spirea, emphasized: “As a specialized PV solar and renewable energy advisory firm Spirea was happy to demonstrate its capabilities in successfully connecting technologies and markets. With ETS we have found a globally leading PV Full-Solution provider, and with EcoSol a leading local engineering company determined to become a leading implementation company for PV Solar projects in Jordan and the region. We are very confident that with AAU as an important first milestone we can soon add further projects together with our trusted partners, and expand into other growing Middle East and Gulf regions. ”

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