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ET Innovations

Providing strategic and continuous investment in technological innovations and optimized solutions, ET Solar is freed from “red-ocean” competition and is able to establish differentiated advantages in the “blue ocean.” We are dedicated to seeking innovation-driven reliability and cost-performance improvement to ensure that ET Solar customers worldwide enjoy industry-leading returns and benefits.



State-of-the-art Innovative Technologies

As one of the pioneer solar module suppliers, ET Solar has developed state-of-the-art technologies and launched innovative new products in the market, including the AC Solar Module, Anti-Glare Module, Smart Module, Cell Optimizer Module, Anti-Salt Module, MPPT, and PID Free.

- AC Solar Module: increases power yield up to 25%, greatly simplifies installation, and reduces installation cost. Its 24/7 web-based monitoring greatly enhances the product’s reliability and safety

- Anti-Glare Solar Module: remarkably reduces light reflections and successfully supports multiple-MW solar power

- Smart Module: enables each solar module component to independently monitoried for voltage current and temperature 24/7, allowing fast location and shutdown of module components

- Cell Optimizer Module: cell-string level MPPT technology increases power output, eliminates the effects of module mismatch and hot-spot failures, and extends PV module lifetime


4.5GW Solid Global Project Pipeline Offers Attractive Investment Opportunities

As a leading global smart energy solutions provider, ET Solar is developing one of the world’s largest high-quality solar project pipelines. Our knowledge, capabilities, and experience in the solar power plant field allow us to deliver industry-leading LCOE to investors around the world.


Horizontally Integrated Smart Energy Solutions Provide Advanced LCOE

In contract to traditional power plant construction, where different service providers separately take partial responsibility for project construction, ET Solar provides horizontal integration of the entire process of solar project construction and provides true one-stop smart energy solutions from project development and project financing to EPC and O&M services.

The ET Solar horizontally integrated smart solutions eliminate the mismatching that always occurs while service is done separately by different providers. Smart solutions mitigate system risks by consistently engineering, constructing, controlling, and managing a system from the very beginning stages to the end of its lifecycle. Smart solutions enable remarkable synergy from efficient and effective process integration, maximizing power output and increasing system availability.


Modularized Solar Block Systems Enable Fast Deployment and Cost Savings

For ordinary commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications, ET Solar has creatively developed standardized solutions as modularized block systems that can be delivered quickly in the most cost-effective way, since system design and engineering are well calculated, all PV components are optimally chosen, electric parts are most efficiently connected, and construction and maintenance services are economically standardized to ensure reliability and the best system performance ratio.


Globally Centralized O&M Service

Advanced information technology and big data have helped ET Solar establish a globally centralized O&M operations center, though which ET Solar monitors worldwide power plants 24/7. Combining with ET Solar’s 20+ subsidiaries and local service centers around the world, we provide operation and maintenance services to more than 300MW of solar power plants.. We are optimistic that we will have a global O&M service portfolio of 1,000MW before the end of 2015.

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